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Joyce Sliffe Benner

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I want to dedicate this article to Joyce Sliffe Benner, who was not only my mother-in-law but also my most significant art mentor. Joyce was an accomplished artist, for over 50 years she was a Californian artist and muralist always associated with an art studio, attending art exhibitions and art classes was a passion for her. Not just an art lover, but an avid gardener, Joyce loved the colors of nature, especially those of flowers and the ocean.

Claude Monet, the French painter and founder of French Impressionism, mainly inspired Joyce's artwork; Motent's painting technique fascinated her, which she tried to follow in her painting styles. Joyce's art speaks color and vibrancy; her paintings are treasured and appreciated for their aesthetic, imaginative, and expressive colored compositions.

Joyce Sliffe Benner was a leading artist in one of the renowned art galleries in San Diego, California, "Arts & Frames By Wood Gallery." Located on Coronado Island in California.

Coronado Island is an attractive place visited by tourists from all over the globe. I am sure Joyce's paintings purchased by art lovers as well as art collectors throughout the years are now a marvelous addition to people's lives in different parts of the world.

Joyce died at the age of 82 from Alzheimer's disease; She left a noticeable gap in the field of art and the hearts of her loved ones.

The impact of a person who influences an artist is always visible in the student's work. Students who become artists reflect on the work of their former teachers; This helps us to predict the effect and direction that our art will take in the future. The great masters of history and contemporary art teachers can equally influence and inspire a person. Those who have trained us, allowing us to pursue creativity deserve to be remembered and recognized in our successful moments in life.

I have the fortune to been professionally practicing visual art for the past 25 years; the work and life of Joyce Sliffe Benner have been an inspiration to me throughout my personal experience and artistic career. Her creativity and enthusiasm for color have been an essential element in the creation of Hue Digital Art, my Cyber ​​Art Gallery. Joyce, the person and the artist will always be a significant figure, loved and respected in my life, and for me, this comes directly from my heart.

Artist Lorena Sliffe Preciado

Creator of Hue Digital Art.

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