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Art, also called attractive distraction, adds color and positive energy to your life.


Hue Digital Art aims to provide you with artistic and aesthetic compositions designed with the beauty of color, taking into account its influence on our lives and our minds.

By visiting our virtual gallery, you will witness the incredible craftsmanship in our creations. Our minimalist yet color-rich art images will transport you to a dimension of peace and tranquility.

We live in a new era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Infotech; artwork also requires a modern and innovative approach. Therefore, Hue Digital Art is using Artificial Intelligence as a medium to create works of art.

 Lorena Sliffe Preciado,

Creator of Sliffe Preciado Art & Hue Digital Art

We transform photographs into fabulous frequency digital artwork, abstract impressionism, and a beautiful minimalistic expression of color and movement.


 At Hue Digital Art, it is fascinating that digital media allows us to transfer imagination into a beautiful and modified sketch.

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Acrylic Art Acrylic paint is my original medium. Impressionist flower arrangement paintings are where my strength lies in the acrylic world. I am a professional artist with a keen eye for detail, color, and composition. Committed to developing and producing high-quality artwork for various purposes. 

Title: Eunoia Acrylic Painting 48"x 30"

                       Miniature Art

Miniature art is a fun addition to my portfolio. I love the process of creating original works of art for sale or exhibitions and bringing projects to life through innovative ideas. It helps me showcase my evolution in my artistic journey. I am a visual artist who is haughtily passionate about art.

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