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Artist Lorena Sliffe Preciado

I am a universal visual artist kissed by the sun, which means I am a Mexican born artist. I was born in "The city of the sun." I love summer days, trees in all year seasons, fog in winter, snow wonder, abundant signs of natural life in spring, and driving under the rain on a country road just because it's poetic—all of this I have now by living in the mountains.

When I was younger, my parents were very convinced that art is not something that someone, with limited financial resources, could pursue in Mexico: especially when you have to put food on your table or talk about a noble profession. I also thought of it that way. BUT, the Universe had better plans for me!

As creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, and art is knowing which ones to keep. I went with the flow, and in 1996, I became a muralist and began to create works of art professionally for individuals and commercial venues in San Diego and other parts of southern California, as well as in northern Baja California, Mexico, Tecate, and Mexicali City, which is my hometown.

​Acrylic paint is my original medium. Impressionist flower arrangement paintings are where my strength lies in the acrylic world. Although I no longer paint murals, creating them has given me great pleasure and satisfaction as a muralist. Occasionally, I enjoy making acrylic paintings on canvas relatively large out of preference.

Currently, to expand my artistic skills, I am focusing my energy on frequency digital abstract art, with color being my main inspiration. The idea of infinite creative possibilities through digital composition fascinates me. I think that art and technology as a whole are exciting, advantageous, and powerful to challenge anyone's creativity. For this reason, I imagined a cyber-gallery to display my art. I am now pleased to present an idea come to life, Hue Digital Art, a cyber-art gallery.

​I decided to join Fine Art America to offer my art through a world-wide trusted Art dealer, making this my next opportunity to thrive artistically, providing my talent to collectors and art lovers in a world-class setting.

Thank you for being here celebrating with me!

Lorena Sliffe Preciado

Creator Of Hue Digital Art

Lorena Sliffe

Bipolar Bright

Advocate For Mental Well-Being

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