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Art & Love

๐€๐ซ๐ญ & ๐‹๐จ๐ฏ๐ž

When I think about what makes art enjoyable, I think it's about simplicity. I think about my art-making as a child when it wasn't about my ego or my name; It was about a child and a talent, something that was mine, my gift.

I started drawing in pencil, tried watercolors, experimented with oils, then acrylics, and now digital paint.

I am like many artists globally; I have no big names of art schools to showcase. I have not won fabulous awards, nor am I a member of a reputable gallery, and that's fine. Art, like love, is a fate resigned.

Of course, I always have big dreams for my art; Why not? I am missing something if I don't dream big. The stars are unattainable, "but the sight of the stars makes me a dreamer," said Vincent Van Gogh. I won't stop being a dreamer.

Why do I keep creating art? The answer is simple; I love creating art 100%. Nothing can be simpler than pure love.

This #fabulous world is full of many talented artists who, like me, love to create their art; Skilled artists, mature or young, vibrant artists full of enthusiasm for their #art.

Meet some of the artists and their art; I have the pleasure to know. They create art that decorates their families' and friends' homes; they create art by their

artistic terms; this makes them unique.

Lorena Sliffe Preciado

Artist, creator of Hue Digital Art

My soul honors your soul

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