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Green is a relaxing color; it represents growth and prosperity. This hue is one with Mother Earth, known in the medical profession for her healing powers; the color green evokes health and emotional balance as well as feelings of hope and unconditional love. 

Sea green offers a feeling of healing, calmness, and protection. 

Olive green is traditionally a color of peace.


Title: Draconite
A mythical gemstone taken from the head of a live dragon and believed to have magical properties.


Frequency of digital art. At Hue Digital Art, we use photographs as a medium to create our artwork; it gives us a baseline color. Creating abstract art is our minimalist approach to applying our creativity to a creative outlet. Color is the drive of each piece we create.
Color can influence the way we feel, the way we think, and the way we interact in our day-to-day. Color is inspirational energy to revive and express life through art.

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