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Lorena Sliffe Preciado & B.R.A.I.N.Notion

𝐁. 𝐑. 𝐀. 𝐈. 𝐍. 𝐍 is an accepting Mental Well-Being Awareness Group. Everything we do is founded on our core belief that no one should ever feel they are alone. We all have our own life’s journey, but the path shouldn’t be a lonely one.

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My mission

Is to spread hope and to help you thrive in life. I hope you find the help you need for your Mental Well-Being when you read or hear the links we share. They will empower you with their wise advice to live life well and to its fullest

A bird & a fish can fall in love, but where do they make a home?” ― Dolly Parton

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My Vision

Is making a path where cultural Myths about Neurobiological Disorders can be addressed, at least among our family and friends. And at its best among our Culture and our Religion.

Lorena Sliffe Preciado, Creator of


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